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June 16, 2010

Things the French have that I envy include (but should not be considered limited to):

– Citron presses, Pain au raisins, Bonne Maman cherry compote

La Braderie (without doubt the best flea market in the world, ever)

– Proper pavement cafes

– The ability to wear sunglasses without looking stupid

– Accents on their keyboards (anyone know where to find them on WordPress?)

When I was shooting Georgie’s house she gave me a tip-off about the amazing Maisons du Monde, a French interiors shop selling lovely homeware with that timeless, relaxed feel the French do so well. I’d never considered it because I assumed they wouldn’t ship to the UK but they do… hurrah! Here are some of my favourite products:

Check out that amazing bookcase complete with library ladder – I’ve always wanted one of those, but in the absence of a dedicated library at home I might have to wait a few decades until I live somewhere big enough. The website’s arranged really cleverly so you can search by item, colour or style, such as Romantic, Industrial and Loft, Marine and Country… je l’adore!

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  1. June 18, 2010 12:13 pm

    Hi Bethan,
    Oh this is a find – thank you!
    I love the French style… thinking about it, it is quite an influence in my life already – our cottage is called ‘Les Blanquettes’, we have a lot of French bits and bobs (despite some resistance from the bf!) and I sell a lot of French toys for a living.
    (Even put a fiver on France is desperate and unsuccessful bid to add interest to the bloody world cup!)
    Am just working on mood board (thanks for inspiration) for our new garden room and will head over to that lovely looking French shop now to see if it helps..

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