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IN PRAISE OF: the humble preserving jar

October 22, 2010

Have you visited the very lovely (and not to mention talented) Marie over at Wholelottalovely recently? She’s been singing the praises of the humble preserving jar, a subject that will have every stylist cooing! These little beauties are so much better when emptied of jam and used for crafting and decorating purposes. Which leads me seamlessly on to one of my favourite handmade gift ideas from the Complete Guide to Christmas, styled my me and photographed by Lucinda Symons.

Though I say it myself, I’d be very happy to receive one of these in my stocking for my sewing bits and bobs and it’s so easy to make. All you need it a preserving jar with a two-part lid (I used a Kilner screw-top jar from Jam Jar Shop), a circle of fabric a little bigger than the inside bit of the lid, a few circles of wadding and some glue. Layer up the wadding and fabric on top of the lid, fold around and glue underneath (cover with a circle of card to keep it nice and neat) and voila! Make it extra special by finishing it off with a tape measure bow, a little pair of sewing scissors and some pretty threads, some pearl buttons and pins. There are loads more lovely craft ideas in the Complete Guide so grab one if you can! Because it’s Friday, and because she’s brilliant, I’d love to show you a few of Marie’s favourite  ideas too. Jam jar fans, indulge yourselves…

To start us off, a few beautiful pink peonies from bluebirdluxe. As if I wasn’t missing summer enough! Next, an achingly lovely shot styled by Marie herself and shot by Craig Wall for the soon-to-be no more (sob!)  Notebook magazine.

The distressed limewashed wood, the wallpaper covered books, the white ceramic bird – I love everything about this shot so much I wish I could just jump right in! To finish off, some clever porcelain mason jars made by industrial designer Gretchen Hooker and some lovely ribbon-filled jars from Marie’s portfolio, shot by Max Attenborough.

How I would love a dedicated craft room with crisp white-painted shelves brimming with jars of coloured ribbons, buttons and swatches. One day, my friends, one day. In real life though, I must bid you farewell for a week as I’m off to the English Lake District to scale some fells and search out a few of those Herdwick sheep! Bon weekend!

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  1. January 5, 2011 7:48 am

    Oh! Thank you so much for mentioning the photo I posted on my blog! Isn’t it dreamy?! It’s by Angie Warren from Angie Warren Photography {.com}!
    I love mason and canning jars! That pincushion is adorable. Is Ideal Home available in the U.S.?! I’ll definitely keep an eye open for it!

    • January 5, 2011 10:00 am

      Glad you like the blog Eileen – I don’t think Ideal Home would be available on the newstand in the US but you can see an online version by clicking the cover picture on the right-hand side of the blog homepage. Keep popping back for extra pictures and news!

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